About this blog

About this blog

Unlike the other pages of my website, this blog is a place for virtual discourse on the issues and challenges facing youth who are both intellectually and/or artistically gifted and talented AND members of gender/sexual minorities. These include gay, lesbian, bisexual, trans, inter-sex, questioning, and categories being continuously defined. There’s also queer, which is a fluid term for those will not be pigeon-holed into a single category.

Life for these kids can be very tough. Getting to school each day in order to explore and fulfill their potential can prove quite difficult, as can navigating family life.

If you have ideas that are compassionate and helpful, please share. Please refrain from posting negative thoughts here.

A note to parents of kids who are coming out

I found this excellent post that applies to parents of many stripes–not just Christian parents.

Any time a kid musters the courage to share the truth about who they are, the conversation and the complete focus need to be about the kid. Parents, buck up and think about your own …

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